Questions and answers

1. Will the Arthesis cover fit my prosthesis?

Our covers are compatible with any prosthesis, AK or BK. With our smart fitting mechanizm the cover will fit you perfectly. We only need the length of your prosthesis. Once you pre-oreder we will get in touch with you.

2. Do you ship to my country?

We ship everywhere on the globe! Click here for a complete list

3. How durable are the covers?

Our products are made with very strong, high quality materials that have been stress tested. You should not be able to damage your cover doing your normal daily activities.

4. I have just had a new prosthesis. Can I get my Arthesis cover immediately?

If the amputation is recent it is best to wait for the final prosthesis and socket. That usually takes a few months. You should consult your prothesist. If we take size of the initial socket, the cover might not fit the final prosthesis well and thus might not look good on it.

5. I want custom made design just for me. Can you make one?

Sure we can create tailored cover just for you. Contact us to get started.

6. How much does an Arthesis cover weigh?

The weight depends on the design you choose and your leg's size. Usually its 200-400 grams.

7. Do you offer a full prosthetic leg?

No, we create only the panels that wrap around an existing prosthetic leg in order to make it look beautiful by restoring a healthy leg's shape and providing a design that expresses your personality.

8. Are Arhtesis covers water proof?

Our product will not be damaged by getting wet, but have in mind that it does not protect your prosthetic leg from water!

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