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About Us


Our Story

It all started with a present for a friend, who is a fitness instructor in the building where we had our 3D printing business and also a BK amputee. At first we did not know he had a prosthesis. When we saw it he said he disliked the way it looked. That got us thinking how to use the 3D printers to change that. After a good deal of thinking, several prototypes and a ton of excitement, the first Arthesis cover was created! The smile on his face was a powerful inspiration for us. It is our ambition to bring the same smile to all the people who have prosthesis. However, it turned out that 3D printing is very expensive and instead we found a diffent way to produce the covers that allows us to reduce the price to 150 Euro. We hope that with those lower prices we will be able to reach more people and put a smile on their face, just as we did with our friend.

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