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Restores body symmetry

Concerned how your pants fit? Arthesis will change that and restore the complete and symmetrical look

Easy to clean

The materials we use allow for the cover to be cleaned easily with water and soft cloth

Perfect fit

The Arthesis fits any prosthesis - below-knee and above-knee. Our smart mechanism takes care of that

Freedom to move

All designs don't limit your movements

Durable materials

You dont have to worry about accidentally damaging the cover

Arthesis product image

Prosthetic coves that make you stand out

Arthesis is for leg amputees who want to express themselves boldly and creatively

Take a closer look

A closer look at the Arthesis cover

Every Arthesis cover consists of two parts - a back panel and a front panel.

The back one attaches to the prosthesis using special belts with anti-slip surface. They are also very easy to tighten which helps the cover to stay in place during your normal everyday activity. If you ever want to go with your bare prosthesis you just unstrap the cover. It is as easy as changing clothes.

The front panel is where most of the design magic happens. It attaches to the back panel with very strong magnets allowing it to click in place in seconds. This smart mechanism allows you to change designs at will.

Once you get your first Arthesis cover you can get additional front panels that have different design. That would allow you to match them with your clothes or the place you are going to. For example wear a casual design when you are at work and a more eccentric one when you go out with friends.